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Did American Swan Stopped Operating? American Swan Complaints

With the word American,  is American swan a american company?  Nope, nope..Its just an Indian company operating from Gurgaon.


Now you may be wondering why i am saying this. One or the other day, your experience with at least one of the Online Shopping site in India will be your worst nightmare. Do you agree with me? I say this because My experience with American Swan is a whole bunch of pain in my shopping experience, that started even before the launch of flipkart in India. So here is the story: On one of my older purchase->return there was over 900+ Rs. in my American Swan wallet. Recently in the thought of utilising it, i bought a denim and 2 set of socks from American Swan website. The purchase amount was around 1500( excluding coupon code discount). Just utilised Rs. 900+  from AS wallet and the balance amount from debit card.

In next  5-6 days, i received the package, and the horror story started the day i open the courier. The denim i ordered is seemed to be of pathetic quality. It looks and feels like a third party product and also the size is larger than what i have ordered(ordered 32″ but got 34″). It even doesn’t looks like the one i ordered except having the plastic cover with “AS” logo. I wonder when did they start selling third party items with their brand name (in the plastic cover).


I raised all this concerns and they initiated the return(time frame: August 19-August 25) and hence i returned the denim via speed post(time frame:Sept 07-15). And then days passed, and weeks, months too… The wait was on going and i receive no updates from them further,

I tried to get in  touch with them many times, wrote mail to them at  customercare@americanswan.com, ManagerCRM@americanswan.com, call’d them, send message via fb chat option, posted on there FB wall(https://www.facebook.com/AmericanSwan)…. no hope till now.

I was quiet okay with my purchases over American Swan(last year) and now i feel bad about trusting them and feel bad for not ordering the  product from trusted sellers overs flipkart, amazon, snapdeal etc. Now someone tell me? where is my money..???

UPDATE: 17th oct 2016:

I am getting a few notifications that American Swan has stopped operating a month back and i heard that there are many persons like me who lost there money.

Complaints on American Swan:


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Are you victim of frauds in shopping? comments us your experiences….We need a board like TRAI for looking into online frauds activities in India.

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