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How to bypass Jio 4GB daily limit to remove 128kbps speed

If you have got Jio SIM with Welcome offer, you will soon know that Jio 4G SIM comes with a limit of 4GB per day. Once you cross Jio 4GB limit your speed will get reduced to just 128kbps. Are you looking to bypass jio 4GB daily limit? Then continue reading to know more about it.

bypass Jio 4GB daily limit

Why Jio has put 4GB per day limit?

With Jio opening its network, anyone with 4G phones can get Jio SIM and unlimited Welcome offer. Already over 10 million users has got Jio SIM and if they all start using unlimited 4G internet with average speed above 20Mbps, Jio network will go down. So Jio has put a reasonable limit of 4GB per day which translate to almost 120GB per month. This will also ensure Jio can provide adequate data and speed to all Welcome offer customers.

What happens when you exceed the limit?

If you use more than 4GB data you will get a message from Jio that you connection speed has been reduced to 128Kbps speed for next 24 hours.

How to check remaining data for Jio Welcome offer?

You can now find out data usage, remaining data and time remaining till you get 4GB data limit reset using an earlier version of MyJio App. Please follow the steps in this article. How to check remaining data of 4GB Jio Welcome Offer

Is it possible to bypass jio 4GB daily limit?

There is a trick which allow you to download 8GB per day. Jio 4GB daily limit is calculated from 10PM to 10PM period. So if you used 4GB before 10PM, you can use another 4GB after 10PM. So technically you can download 8GB per day.

How to reset your Jio 4GB limit?

Step 1: If you crossed 4GB limit on a day then wait till 10PM.

Step 2: After 10PM, restart your mobile.

Step 3: Once restarted enable data and you will get 4G speed restored.

Note: To confirm your 4GB data reset time follow this article check remaining data and 4GB reset time for Jio Welcome Offer.

Please let us know by comments below if you have any queries. We will reply to all comments.

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  1. Hey am havin problem with my jio.. Coz after 700 mb of internet usage… Am getting a msg lyk u hav crossed daily usage of data from team jio…. M not getin even 4gb data.. Wat shuld i do knw??? Pls reply me asap.. Ty

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  3. This is nt working

  4. Not working bro

  5. this is a fake chutiya post .we dnt get more than 4 GB per day.there is a reset time for everyone within that time we get 4 GB

  6. I have one query
    I’ll use 4 GB before 10pm and also use 4gb after 10pm them wt about that next morning ( whole day ). I’ll activate or wait till 10pm?

  7. Hello…techblix..
    I am facing a short of problem and troubleshoot in my phone Samsung galaxy on8
    , as,it is fixed from 10pm today to 10pm tomorrow the 4gb data is given by jio..
    So.in order to get 4g speed after that i restart my phone @10pm..still the speed doesn’t change..so,can you help me a lil bit??..

  8. My mobile is Nubia z9 mini LTE supportable set. But in my mobile downloading speed is 100 Mbps max..and its reaches to bps… Please solve my problem

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  10. This formula is not workings now

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