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How to check remaining data of 4GB Jio Welcome Offer

Jio Welcome offer comes with a daily 4G data download limit of 4GB. The daily limit gets reset everyday at 10PM and your 4GB limit get restored. However, if you want to find out how much data you have used or want to know how much data is remaining for your Jio connection, then you came to the right place. As you can see in the below screenshot below, you can now find out data usage, remaining data and time remaining till you get 4GB data limit reset using an earlier version of MyJio App. Please follow the steps below to check your Jio Welcome offer data usage.

How to check remaining data of 4GB Jio Welcome Offer?

Step 1: Uninstall MyJio version from your phone.

Step 2: Download MyJio_App Version 3.2.05 APK and install it on your Android device.

Step 4: Ensure auto update for apps is disabled in Playstore settings.

Step 5: Open MyJio App list on your phone.

Step 6: Disable mobile data/WiFi on your phone and open MyJio app from Jio App list.

Step 7: Now enable data and sign in as soon as possible before the update popup comes.

Step 8: Enter your Jio number as User ID: and your password to sign in.

Step 9: MyJio will now display your remaining data out of 4GB and also will show time it will reset. You can also check under MyPlan to view the expire time.

Please let us know by comments below if you have any queries. We will reply to all comments.

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  1. i followed all the steps u have listed below but when i open the data check under balance it is showing “u have not subscribed to a plan for this service” but under my plans its showing the same as the screenshot u have provided above.

  2. Where does ill get my password??

  3. What is the meaning of 4 GB WiFi data under ‘my plans’

    • Jio has deployed public WiFi Hotspots at location like Malls, Shopping centers and college campus. When you are at these location you can connetc to it using JioNet app and use 4Gb WiFi internet apart from 4GB LTE data per day.

  4. Please share the Manual setting in Moto E2nd gen model

  5. Techblix I Have a Jiofi 2 .can i remove jio 4gb daily limit remove 128kbps speed

  6. If you want to remove the update notification.. 1.Install apk editor
    2. Open apk editor and choose the my jio app (the version provided in the upper links)
    3. Choose common edit
    4. Change the version no(3.x.xx to 3.x.xx)
    (Where x corresponds to the version no.)
    5. Change the version tag as well (3205 to 3xxx)
    6.in short, the version number and version tag should have same number

    • Thanks. Will publish the new app with update notification disabled.

      • Techblix come on just cantact me and talk to me what will i do 85729**** is my whatsapp numner and [email protected] is my email so pllzz cantact me..

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