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How to convert 2GB data and activate Jio Preview offer for unlimited 4G

If you have manged to obtain a Jio 4G SIM by following our previous article, you will be surprised to find out you got only just 2GB data and 100 mins talktime. Below are the process to convert your 2GB offer to Jio preview unlimited offer.


How to get Jio 4G preview unlimited offer on your Android phone? (Updated)

Method 1:

  1. Uninstall all Jio Apps from your phone.
  2. Download My Jio App Version 3.2.05 APK and install it.
  3. Open MyJio and click on Install All apps to install Jio Apps one by one.
  4. Go to http://jio.com/getmyjio and signup for an account using your Jio number.
  5. Once all apps are installed disable data on your device and clear all background running apps.
  6. Go to App settings and clear cache/data for MyJio App.
  7. Now turn on data and open MyJio App list.
  8. Again disable data and open MyJio App.
  9. Now enable data and click sign in quickly.
  10. Enter your number and password to sign.
  11. In few moments, a pop up will appear asking you to press Submit to activate Jio Preview offer as below.
  12. Your 2GB offer will get converted to 90 days unlimited preview offer.
  13. If popup is not appearing repeat from step 5-10 till you get popup.


Please let us know by comments below if you are able to activate the unlimited offer. We will reply to all comments.


  1. Jio server are usually busy during the day, so try to activate unlimited at late night or early morning.
  2. You can follow the trick from any 4G/3G Android phone even without Jio SIM or Jio internet.
  3. If you are not getting popup try on another phone or try with another internet connection.
  4. You need to complete tele-verification before you can use data or voice on Jio by calling 1977. Non-VoLTE phones has to tele-verify by calling 1800-88-99999 from alternate number to activate just data. Then use Jio Join app to call 1977 for complete tele-verification.
  5. The unlimited offer can be activated only once per phone.
  6. If you get “Opps something went wrong“, this is because you opened the MyJio App list without enabling data. Enable data -> Open MyJio App list -> Disable data -> Open MyJio from the list -> Click sign in -> Enter username and password -> Enable data and sign in.
  7. If you haven’t got Jio activation link after sign up, click skip on MyJio to sign in and activate your account.

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  1. I am using moto g4 plus and in my siM I got 2gb data and I exhausted that can you tell me how should I refresh my dat as it is more than 24 hours I am not able use my data

  2. I tried the above steps..but im not getting the jio preview offer

  3. Not getting pop up after using all the steps correctly

  4. Two offer activated…..jio preview offer (FRC) and jio wel come offer but speed is very low…..up to 2gb use speed is ok…but after over 2gb data speed is very slow….how i get unlimited plan from above steps because jio wel come offer already activated….but i dont get 4gb unlimited data.

  5. Sir not activated ultimate offers

  6. Hello my sim is activated and i hve single slot when i insert sim its showing no service plzz help me what i do now

  7. When I was signing in for first time the pop up came,but I dididn’t click submit as I don’t know it gives unlimited data.Now after knowing about it,I have tried the above steps and I can’t find the pop up.please help me.I’m still in 2gb offer

  8. Now a days a pop is not coming to activate unlimited 4 g . I have more than 20 times in my redmi note 3. It didnt come. What should i com. I am felling headache.

  9. Not seen any popup
    5 To 10 step doing for 10 times

  10. I used your step to get code… i got 4b data… i exhausted it… can i get unlimited net by using this steps

  11. Hi,I didn’t even use 1kb of internet but it’s saying you have exhausted the balance. Please help

  12. Im using LEECCO MAX 2 . I tried above method many times. But no offer POP will appear plz help

  13. I tried this and several other pages similar to this to activate the unlimited internet since my JioFi sim was setup with 2GB limit incorrectly. After trying all these tricks and nothing working out, I just created a service request with Jio on Sunday – Sep 18th at 2:30am through my Jio account and the unlimited data was activated today (Sep 20th) at 2:00 PM. Total time taken by Jio to activate based on my service request is 36 hours which is not too bad considering the number of people thronging their stores. For those who could not get the trick to work, it might be easier doing it the straightforward way

  14. In each screen shot the jio number is different ? How wise is that ? If this trick is working why you didnt apply in your first mobile number ?

    • I already got unlimited offer months back with my Lyf phone. No one force you to follow the article. Follow it only if you want. If you are so wise first read comments from other readers.

  15. I am using samsung tab a latest version 4g one … I did what you described above I didn’t get the preview offer instead I get the welcome offer what shall I do plan kindly help me….

  16. Sir, i tried activating the preview offer by following your instructions but im not gettting the popup thought i tried it on different mobiles. Please help me out.

  17. When I do the 6th step that means, I opened myjoilist and enable the data suddenly a popup appears like jio welcome offer available for some brand name. Then I closed that popup and repeated the steps that mentioned above but I don’t get the preview offer please help me

  18. how do i know unlimited plan was activated. i tried all these steps. and i used 2 gb data.unlimited data means every day i get 2 gb data.

  19. Sir currently my offer is jio welcome offer I repeat the above steps but its not changes to preview offer. Can you please help me
    My email is kannanbiju99@gmail.com

  20. Im using coolpad note3. I tried above method many times. But no use. Plz help. Still in 2gb offer

  21. Hi der i have iphone 6s my 2gb data usage got over n now iam not able to rechrge wic lets me unable to aces unlimited data voice usagee pls help, folwed the un instal n reinstal procedures of my jio but i dont get ‘get sim ‘ option insted it asks me to sign in n sign up

  22. I have a lyf phone so what should i do to get unlimited jio net

  23. I already sing up in latest jio app now what to do it not getting jio how to disable the account

  24. and my problem:
    i bought a jiofi since i have a 3g phone and got the jiofi sim activated through my friends 4g phone for both voice and data.
    i used it for a while and after some time i showed up some balance exhaust message on the web pages.
    when i logged in to my jio app and view my plan info it shows the unlimited jio mifi prepaid FRC and some other base plan. with entitlements 2GB data,100 min call,100 sms.
    in my usage it shows i have almost used up my quota of 2GB data and only 2.05Kb/2Gb left.
    i has been like this from past four days and i am not able to connect to the internet through jiofi mifi. it always shows the balance exhausted message.
    i thought of trying this trick but it didn’t work for me maybe coz i am using a 3g phone or not on jio network.
    do you have any solution?

  25. Can I update myjio app after successful activation ?

  26. in iphone howTo Convert Free JIO 2GB Data in Unlimited Data

  27. How to get a coupon code for people using mifi not a 4g handset??

  28. Sir my second screenshot is showing but still my 2gb data is consuming . after that can I use my unlimited data or after 2gb I can’t use Internet.

  29. I am able to get the jio sim with the help of code generated as instructed by you Thanks for that also my televerification has been done successfully but when I check in plan it does not show 2GB data also I am unable to use internet please help regarding this.

    • What plan you see under MyPlans in MyJio App?

      • It shows Jio welcome offer and base plan, if welcome offer is active then I am getting error that you have exhausted your data balance. What should I do in APN also it is set as jionet default, I am using redmi 2 prime, I already tries this sim in other phone it not works but the sim which worked in my friends phone also works in my phone but my sim is not working. I am not understanding why this happens to me

  30. Hello – What can users who have already activated the account and exhausted 2GB do to change the plan to unlimited? I have tried the steps listed and simply logs onto my account page and I do not get a pop up. Thanks

  31. data exhausted. many users have same problem

  32. Guys the 2nd screenshot uve posted like unlimited access that’s how it’s showing to me but still I’m just able to use 2tb after that it’llbecome very slow y is that? A lil help plz….

  33. Brother is it possibe to extend jio welcome offer up to 1 year?????Please tell

  34. I got my jio sim and i have been waiting for the message for confirmation of televerification for almost 15 days. Is there any step that i missed?
    Please do help me!!!

  35. Hello Sir,
    I got JioFi and after data versification it was working but now it is showing your data has been exhausted, what should I do ?? to get unlimited data.

    My jio sim is inserted in Jiofi and I have installed all apps on my Iphone 5s..Please help me on this.

  36. After signing in it shows I have unlimited data,voice etc but when I check in my plan option it shows I have 400 mb left

  37. Sir i got jio sim with iphone 6 but can i use this sim in iphone 5s ???
    No service is being shown in my iphone 5s

  38. By following your steps, my “myjio” account shows the last screenshot you given. Now after completing the 2 gb data, is it automatically converted to unlimited?

  39. Thank you bud. It worked in ONEPLUS 3. You saved my late night day 😉

  40. Thanks a lottttt tech blix it worked finally .
    1000000000% working guaranteee

  41. If I login it shows a msg updating and nothing happens after that

  42. Yaar I also tried the same trick for thrice… I am using MI4I but the point is whenever i Did it with MYJIO 3.2.05 it was unable to login… and when i did it with 3.2.10 it signed me in… What Should i do???

    • What is the reason you can’t login with MYJIO 3.2.05? You need to use MYJIO 3.2.05 to activate unlimited offer.

      • even I dont understand why this is happening.. initially i signed up with MYJIO 3.2.10 and installed all the apps… then after signing up and completing all the sign in processes i uninstalled all the apps…. the again i re-installed MYJIO 3.2.05 and installed all the apps with JIO DATA… then i disabled the data and signed in with enabling it… so what do you say why did it happen ???

        • Let me know what is the issue you are facing when logging into MYJIO 3.2.05?

        • I mean my point is the older version is not letting me sign in… everytime i try signing n i get a pop up saying “Unable to process your request, please try again later”…

          do you understand what i am saying???

          • Now I understand what you are saying. Till last comment you said you can’t sign in and didn’t tell me whats the problem. This is because you opened the MyJio App list without enabling data. Enable data -> Open MyJio App list -> Disable data -> Open MyJio from the list -> Click sign in -> Enter username and password -> Enable data and sign in.

          • Absolutely yaaa I opened MYJIO App list without enabling data… lemme do it once again and I hope my next would be to thank you for your help …. :p

          • See I have exhausted my 2 GB Jio Data… So is it alright if I repeat the process with the my broadband???

          • If you have finished 2GB, then follow steps in the article using any other internet connection.

          • Well Buddy… Thanks a Lot!!! It let me sign into the system… But now its been updating since last 10 mins… Now tell me what should i do??? Should I wait or should I try to re-login??? :p

          • You need to re-login if you are stuck at updating.

          • Hiii Yaar!! well it let me sign in last night but was not updating.. in the morning i tried again… it worked thanks a lot… it said welcome to the preview offer… unlimited everything and all… i got A Text saying I have been allotted Preview Offer Plan… But then I got another message saying ” as a part of Digital India Vision your number is active on Welcome offer… May be they have stopped that Preview offer thing… & now its only a technical glitch…

          • Congrats. Both are are now activated at the same time.

  43. Sir I got 2gb data.and I completely exhausted the data.there is no more data in my account.what can I do for unlimited data.plz help me my no is 7000787*****

  44. I completly use my 2gb balance but unlimited data is not got to m so plz suggest m for unlimited data

  45. Hi..i got my jio activated today…After installing all the apps i cant get to convert my 2gb data to unlimited..and i finished my 2gb data and tried all the steps u have told..even now it is not activated..what can i do now ?

  46. Is there any limitations and only that amount of data we can use

  47. I just got the jio sim today its not activated yet nor it is ready for tele verification anytime soon.. so i am not sure whether i will have preview offer or just a 2 gb welcome offer. I will definetly use your steps if it comes out to be a welcome offer. However i am scared if this trick of converting to preview offer be deactivated by reliance till my sim gets activated or not.

  48. well i thought that reliance is giving unlimited data plan… till december so i exhausted all 2 gb data…. nd now i wont be able to access internet…… plz help 🙁

  49. Sir I too have the same problem I followed the above steps and received the preview offer ..but when i started using again the downloading speed is very slow and when i checked my plan in my jio app showing welcome offer and preview offer

    Screenshots are added in this link http://gifyu.com/image/1co

    And also i got a sms from jio4g that i exhausted today’s 4gb data….so and so
    What should I do now?….

  50. hi i am using iphone 5 i used 2GB Data after that i could able to use the unlimited data..

  51. Mera jio number me data open nahi hota my mobile model flam 1 my mobile jio number 70163*****

  52. how to do it in jiofi device

  53. i have LYF water 10, when i open my jio the home page shows “Enjoy Jio Preview Offer complimentary unlimited access to Digital life till 14 Dec 2016” and in my plans section it shows “Jio-LYF Prepaid FRC” with 2 GB mobile data and below it Unlimited Jio-LYF Prepaid Offer..

    What does it means do i have only 2 gb data or unlimited data for 3 months i.e 14 Dec 2016…

    Please guide….


  54. I have received jio sim and i am using net it is showing 2gb

    When i tried all option still it is not showing get jio sim offer

  55. Does i have got unlimited data and voice calls.

  56. hi. i have a jio sim running on my phone. i got a dongle now but i am unable to activate the 9p days offer in that and i jave only 1 android phone. how do i get it done ?

  57. Thanks man.. 3 step worked for me.. have a great day.. 🙂

  58. my jio app is showing unlimited data and calls bt when i click on my plan it shows that i have used particular amount of data and mins … plz suggest whether i have plan of unlimited data or have 2GB data plan..

  59. my Mobile model is lyf flame 8 i bought it on 27 August and sim was activated before 5 th sept but then also after preview offer i was moved to welcome offer y ? :'(

  60. Can u plz tell which Is showing after Activatibg unlimited data bcz the pop up is nt alpering in my phone and so can u send me the screen shoot of befpre activating unlimited data and after screenshot

  61. Ab whatsapp me aa raha hr ki ab jo jio sim use kar rahe unka mobile December ke baad koi sim nahi daal sakte…
    Jio sim unlimited offer derara he hi oo decembr ke baad ham koi sim nahi work ho sakta hai…
    Ye baath sach hai ki nahi?????

  62. my sim is activated now aftr activation may i able to uninstall the my jio apps

  63. I’m using Xiaomi Mi5. None of the above methods are working. Is there any other way?

  64. Sir please help me I’m not understand how to see the unlimited data my mobile lenovo k3 note(LTE)supported

  65. Nothing is working …..i got jio welcomeoffer only…only 4gb data with high speed..and after that 128 kb/sec….is there any way to get unlimited data

  66. Tell about ios please

  67. Method 3 helped me thnx for posting…. I m very happy using jio sim thnx once more

  68. Dear sir m using wifi dongle…. How to i create jio I’d… How to get OTP… Please reply

  69. I finished all 2gb net in jio balance 2 kB left can i install and download by another sim…

  70. I dont install jio apps nd start using jio internet .it stopped after 2 gb . What should i do

  71. I have followed your first step, and got a confirmation SMS that my Jio preview offer is activated, but along with that also got an sms stating that my Jio welcome offer is activated. In my plans section it shows that my plan is Jio preview offer, but the data and voice calls balance still shows at 2 GB and 100 mins respectively. Also my Net is working <128 KBPS as I have exhausted my 2GB speed for the day. Pls guide me.

  72. I have tried all methods and steps but does not work but above method 3 which you have post the image the same shows in my jio account it means it is converted into unlimited or not

  73. Sir i follow these steps but i an not getting any popup message…

  74. Thanks a lot. Got unlimited by first method.

  75. Hi am unable to install MyJio app from google paly store app , am using oppo f1 plus mobile,Could anyone help on this

  76. Unable to activate. it is showing me the same old 100 mins 100 sms and 2 Gb at same time unable to make outgoingh calls. No internet access and when trying to call it tell to recharge and in my plan it shows balance of the 100 mins and 2gb data

  77. i have purchsed jiofil and got only 2gb i have finished now its asking to recharge pls let me know process to get unlimited

  78. My incoming and outgoing calls are not yet possible after tele verification. I can make calls only from the jio4g voice app. Unable to connect customer care also. What is the solution?

  79. Not working, still 2GB data but in main screen, unlimited word is showing for voice call, SMS and Data but in my plan, it is showing unlimited.

  80. Helo bro.

    thankx for your advise..i got it.
    can you tell me can i uninstall now othwe apps like jio music etc..
    which one is nessasry for unlimited acces

  81. Tell me any trick for iPhone 6

  82. Sir i done all the methods bt still I cant get unlimited data I my iPhone 6,please tell me what i do

  83. I have exhausted my 2 GB data, now unable to convert into unlimited plan. Please help.

  84. Hello sir. As you menioned above steps. I installed my jio app along with all application after that i tried to sign up in my jio app but its showing that our systems are not responding yet even i tried in peak hours. So what to do please tell me. M using vivo Y31L and method 3rd. Please help me for any correction.

  85. Can I uninstall jio apps after getting unlimited offer

  86. I’ve followed all the steps..it says that I’ve unlimited access UpTo 11th December but when I click on my plan …it’s still showing 2gb

  87. Sir.activate nai hora unlimited internet 3 method b kar leya mai

  88. I thank you a lot for these methods. They helped me a lot to activate my unlimited plan….

  89. Had above tested in iphone 6s?

  90. I have followed your every step but didn’t get the pop u to activate unlimited offer from 2gb. What should i do to get the unlimited data. Please help me.

  91. Sir i activate my jio sim in 8/9/2016 but i didnt learn about the unlimitted activation…i am using my 2 gb data now i cant activate my unlimitted offer…how can i activate..? Can i instal the apps using wifi…? Pls give me the reply…

  92. Hi, i have. Lyf flame 6, i downloaded all apps and still am stuck on 2GB plan, i repeatedly tried method 3 with no use. I tried calling customer care but even after waiting for hours they havent responded. Please help.

  93. How i know that i get unlimited or 2gb

  94. Sir, what is the procedure fir iphone 6?? Plz reply

  95. In my app its shows only 2gb data what i’ll do for unlimited data

  96. sir
    mera LYF ka mobile par 2gb he mila or unlimited active nehi hua please kia koru botaye

  97. I sign up on my jio app but don’t get any verification email for jio id create…..what I do help pls

  98. my jio not active unlimited

  99. sir plz help my phone is lyf and sin get activated now i got 2 gb data and 665 mb left what can i do to make it an unlimited offer i am using lyf ls 4503 .i followed thes steps but i didnt get any nottifications plz help sir

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