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How to convert 2GB data and activate Jio Preview offer for unlimited 4G

If you have manged to obtain a Jio 4G SIM by following our previous article, you will be surprised to find out you got only just 2GB data and 100 mins talktime. Below are the process to convert your 2GB offer to Jio preview unlimited offer.


How to get Jio 4G preview unlimited offer on your Android phone? (Updated)

Method 1:

  1. Uninstall all Jio Apps from your phone.
  2. Download My Jio App Version 3.2.05 APK and install it.
  3. Open MyJio and click on Install All apps to install Jio Apps one by one.
  4. Go to http://jio.com/getmyjio and signup for an account using your Jio number.
  5. Once all apps are installed disable data on your device and clear all background running apps.
  6. Go to App settings and clear cache/data for MyJio App.
  7. Now turn on data and open MyJio App list.
  8. Again disable data and open MyJio App.
  9. Now enable data and click sign in quickly.
  10. Enter your number and password to sign.
  11. In few moments, a pop up will appear asking you to press Submit to activate Jio Preview offer as below.
  12. Your 2GB offer will get converted to 90 days unlimited preview offer.
  13. If popup is not appearing repeat from step 5-10 till you get popup.


Please let us know by comments below if you are able to activate the unlimited offer. We will reply to all comments.


  1. Jio server are usually busy during the day, so try to activate unlimited at late night or early morning.
  2. You can follow the trick from any 4G/3G Android phone even without Jio SIM or Jio internet.
  3. If you are not getting popup try on another phone or try with another internet connection.
  4. You need to complete tele-verification before you can use data or voice on Jio by calling 1977. Non-VoLTE phones has to tele-verify by calling 1800-88-99999 from alternate number to activate just data. Then use Jio Join app to call 1977 for complete tele-verification.
  5. The unlimited offer can be activated only once per phone.
  6. If you get “Opps something went wrong“, this is because you opened the MyJio App list without enabling data. Enable data -> Open MyJio App list -> Disable data -> Open MyJio from the list -> Click sign in -> Enter username and password -> Enable data and sign in.
  7. If you haven’t got Jio activation link after sign up, click skip on MyJio to sign in and activate your account.

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