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Download Full screen Turbo C++ For Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 32/64bit

Turbo C++ is one of the oldest programming language which is still considered as the base to learn computer programming. The last version of Turbo C++ 3.0 was released back in 1995 and it was never updated. Even though Turbo C++ 3.0 worked well till Windows XP, the later version of the operating system seems to be incompatible with this DOS age program and was unable to work in full screen.

Note:  click here to download Code::Blocks more interactive compiler platform  for coding c/cpp than turbo compiler. Code Blocks is an IDE, it has no compilers, it only uses compilers that other people have created, and presents a pleasing graphical interface that is independent of the compiler and is consistent between compilers.

In this article we bring you top 4 working versions of Turbo C++ for latest operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 which support full screen coding.

turbo C++ interactive scren

  1. Turbo C++ 3.0 by Codeplex

A customized version of Turbo C++ released by Codeplex. It works well with latest version of Windows and support full screen.



2. Turbo C++ for Windows by Softpedia

Another customized for Windows version of original Tubro C++. It also easy to install and support full screen.



3. Turbo C++ 4.0 for Windows 7 and Windows 8

This version was specifically modified and build for Windows 7 and Windows 8, but also works with Windows 10. It use DosBox to execute the Turb C++ IDE.



4. Turbo C++ by Akki

This version was created by an independent developer called Akki. This uses DosBox and support full screen coding.



Note:  click here to download Code::Blocks – more interactive compiler platform  for coding c/cpp than turbo compiler. Code Blocks is an IDE, it has no compilers, it only uses compilers that other people have created, and presents a pleasing graphical interface that is independent of the compiler and is consistent between compilers.

Note: If the link is not working please reply as a comment or contact me through our Contact us.


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  4. the turbo c++ rar file is not downloading….

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  7. it is c++ for download how can i get c?

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  20. thank you so much….its working..

  21. Good working but mouse is not working properly. Please help!

  22. i can compile my program but can’t make it run.
    wen i press cntrl+f9 nothing happens.
    fix it for me plz

  23. contains malware

    • No malware. we providing only valid links and files also we checked that link (file) with all URL scanners and we do not detect any malware.if you have doubt download that file and scan it with your antivirus and then only use it.

  24. hey, its c… it is not accepting iostream.h
    help mee dude

  25. it is saying that it “windows cannot open this file”
    what to do..

  26. Hey Not working with Wndows 8(Pro) 64 bit…………. I installed software but hang this software while running or typing program… And also output is not showing……….. Please help me…

    • i don’t know why you get on to this problem?
      i’m also using 8 Pro i don’t have any problem with programming using this software.

      • What I do Please help yaar. Its very needful to me. I tried number of time but not run…………… Nothing any system problem or anyelse my PC run well but unable to use C Please help

  27. plzzz any body help me i want turbo c for windows 7 32 bits

  28. HOW TO DOWNLOAD ??????

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  32. Thanks.
    Its really working on windows 7 64 bit os…

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  34. hw can i run computer graphics programs on turbo c++

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  36. Thank you for turbo c,c++ this application software is very good .it is proper working
    Thank ……….you show much…….?????????????????

  37. I’am sorry to say we are not getting out put , for this what we have to do please guide us

  38. does it work on a 32 bit windows xp system?

  39. i am using window 7..and i cannot install this..what should i do???

  40. I download this pgm but sometime the pgm was not opened why

  41. thank u. i realluy need it

  42. thank u. i realluy need it

  43. Thank u very much. I was in search of it which supports in win 7..but I couldn’t save the program…plz suggest a solution for me?

    • Which one you downloaded? First link or second one.Both are working fine on windows 7 and windows 8.The first link have some problem but i can save it.What is the error you getting?

  44. how can i minimize the window ?
    want a small window want i want to do for that

  45. hey how can se copy a program to our c++ file plzz help me out…….

  46. will it work in win 7????????

  47. can smboddy help me ??? i wanna knw with what files with.rar extension must b opened .my c++ is nt opening …\

    • First You have to extract the rar file to open C++, for that right click on the rar file and click extract here or extract files then you will get the exe file double click on it and install then do the programming.

  48. thanks my load….

  49. Turbo c is not working fullscreen mode while in remote computer

  50. I am the new user.. and i am happy .. first time it works… it’s very hard to find the great side .. congo.. man.. it’s work..

  51. thankx .this is working.

  52. how can I compile a programme with turbo c

  53. unable to write pascal.exe

  54. m using windows 7…..{ },these braces r nt coming in dis turbo c

  55. I downloaded it but it is not working properly I needed it urgently plz help me

  56. C++ software is opening zoomely resolution

  57. i can compile my program but not able to run. plz help me out.

    • Which link you downloaded.First or second.
      If you downloaded first link try the second one by download it in to your pc/lap, if you persist the same please revert.

  58. thanks it really works great

  59. thanks,,,,

  60. thanks its working

  61. signs like greater than and other that are to b made with shift buttons are not working in the compiler…….??????help soon thnx…..

  62. It is working, but i have a problem.. Some keys are not working in it but are working in word/note/this post… “]” becomes “[” and “\” becomes “]”…. left shift not working… Windows 8 32 bit. tried with a wireless and ps 2 keyboard.

  63. thank you man

  64. Pramod
    finally got c++ directly

  65. thank you :)….it really worked….found d right software at last:D

  66. It was apppropiate for use. But I have a problem that it cannot identify c drive. It is predefined as d drive. But my software was install in c drive.What i do? please help.

  67. thank you……..

  68. Thanks for your support. We are very thankful. Keep it up. God bless you!

  69. can i compile c program in this software

  70. Thank you very much 🙂
    I was able to install & it’s working perfectly !!
    I can run c programs in this as well right?

  71. the mouse doesnt seem to work properly

  72. I cannot type double quotes(“) . 🙁 And my right shift key doesn’t work . One of the braces keys doesn’t work. I cannot do anything without these characters 🙁 .
    Please help me !

  73. Windows 7 64 bit os . Tried both links .

  74. Same problem again , bro :/
    Can you still help me , please ?

  75. installation failed !! i need it pls fix it

  76. i have downloaded many other turbo c++ ,but non of them worked in fullscreen… even worked in fullscreen in windows 8

  77. thanks it works just fine.

  78. not came anything after downloading

  79. thanxxxxx its perfectly working

  80. Engr. Israr Ahmad

    thankx alot


  82. how to install this program

  83. my compiler doesn’t show output ………….please help me……..

  84. I have successfully installed it….but a black screen is coming where about yogisoft is written…plz tell me how to start it…

  85. i have installed it successfully but the shift key on the right side of the keyboard is not working in this software. otherwise in any other software it is running smoothly like ms word.

  86. It is helpful for me .Thank u a lot

  87. yogisoft link is great!

  88. because i dont have any idea about turboc++ because my sister want it to be download rply fstly

  89. thanks a was easy and comfortable to install it. no fake links (Y) keep it up!

  90. i have installed it in C drive but in my directories it is showing “D:/blah blah”..will it make any effect on my outputs?

  91. after downloading how to install it
    can you please tell

  92. hey it should not install on windows 7 ultimate? what i do?

  93. i cann`t access proper downloading turboo c ++ help??

  94. the inverted commas key isnt workng at all..what do i do

  95. Thanks for Turbo C++

  96. After installing and clicking on the C++ yogisoft option , It displays a “Z> command prompt” . Where do I write my programs?

  97. since 2009 i was looking for a solution to this problem.Now you solved it ….
    Thank you.

  98. Thanks for this link and its really really …..working……..really thanks….. 🙂

  99. Thanks dear

  100. do i require winrar to download this file

  101. its not getting downloaded! nw dont ask which link i installed i tried everything!

  102. thanx its done nw!

  103. Sir compiler is running a program infinite times. how to exit from black screen to blue screen. which button i am supposed to pressed…??

  104. Thanks a lot..:)

  105. but i have already turbooc++ download and when i install it they look called some file missing but i do……

  106. you made my day!! Hats off. Whoever you are I will always remeber you in my life.

  107. i am unable to use the special characters like : ” {} …………that are to be inserted using SHIFT……what the problm is.can u help to solve it…..everthing is ok outside the compiler…..problm is only when i use compiler…..i ve chnged lots of compilers…but in vein…..reply soon

  108. Thank you sir 🙂 🙂

  109. after saving in MSword what to do?

  110. everything working fine but there is only one problem
    everytime after executing the file i get a message saying “warning : date/time of disk file has change .Reload from disk ? ” help

  111. Norton antivirus is not supporting to install….. Its showing trojan virus

    • Norton is the worst antivirus i ever seen,uninstall it .in here our wifi blocked by uninstalled norton and wifi working perfectly.if you want it uninstall or stop norton and install otherwise go other site and download anything else.

  112. thanx… its great!!!

  113. I had a 32bit trurboc installed in my laptop and it would always appear in small screen.
    now after installing this it appears in full screen.
    thanks a lot.

  114. I have inastalled Emulated turbo C++ version 1.5 and during installation an error is coming that “windows can’t locate about.exe” what should I do to fix this problem?

  115. Hi please let me know how much time it will take to extract the file?

  116. Hi dude ,,

    Please help after compiling i did not get output only get blank screen for C programs…

  117. You are master……all things are working properly ….from last many months I am searching for it. Thanks for the help.

  118. when i download .rar is corrupted…why so???
    plz help

  119. i know that what is the windows 8&7 i liked this software

  120. harshit kaushal

    thanx for this software

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  122. i am downloading c++ what will be the next moment……………………???

  123. thank u…….

  124. vrushali tagade

    i also need help its not getting install……

  125. now iam able to do my work easily now i can practice for my exam

  126. He is the good software turbo c this is solve the c programming doing

  127. subhash kumar satya

    Really it’s work properly….can download …

  128. after compiling unable to view result…..

  129. I am using windows 7 64 bit OS. Can this software work in win 7 { 64 bit }!!!! plz help

  130. not working,, once run,, the cursor is only moving but not clicking,,,, anywhere ,, fix it

  131. how to run this one for my windows 7 32 bit it’s opening in vlc player

    • May be the default opening setting has been changed to vlc (i,e always open this type of file with vlc player) so change the settings so that you can run the exe file easily without any problem.
      Restore you system or try google it.

  132. This can work with Vmware Installed OS ?

  133. This will work with vmware player installed OS , or i can use it directly on Main windows ?

  134. y does the theme changes when we start the compiler?

  135. i am not getting how to download

  136. I need Turbo C, not C++. How to get it from the above link?

  137. I want copy my C language notes from MSWORD to TurboC++ software

  138. The new link updated on 10th August isnt working. Could you please check on that?

  139. Hey thank you for the link…it was really resourceful 🙂

  140. Thanks a lot for the download link. Finally got a working full screen version of Turbo C++. Thanks a lot mate.

  141. good ………………

  142. I cannot get the run output… it says use initgraph.

  143. Thanksss ^_^ it ws amazing! 🙂

  144. nice compiler for study

  145. does this contain virus or malwares?
    users comment plz

  146. thanks da.. its working……. no probelm at all…………………………..

  147. it isnt working when compiling they shows an error with header file

  148. thanks ……….

  149. #include
    int main()
    int p,n;
    float r, si;
    return 0;

    i cannot get the run output, i don’t understand why the run option is not enabled for this particular pgm, it only compiles and stops.
    Sometimes it shows a message box with warning: date/time of the disk file has changed. Reload from disk?
    And when i respond to it nothig happens.

    Also I cannot use the numeric keypad while writing any pgm.

    Please reply soon

  150. in my pc it’s not working . Giving an error for header file iostream.h . What to do?

  151. download is finished but install is not working

  152. thank you for share..

  153. wat we hav to do after installimg winrar

  154. tnks, it works………….!!

  155. tank u very very much bro

  156. hey chichku…gr8 one man

  157. thanks a ton for this. 🙂

  158. I am not able to include the header files through directories .pls suggest what should i do now

  159. good site its working

  160. the programme is not running.the output screen does not come.

  161. plz help me how to download turboc++ for window 7 🙁

  162. realy very nice

  163. Thanks a lot, very easy to install and works perfectly.

  164. how to download ?????????????????????

  165. tell me how to download

  166. thank you it really works!!!!!!!!

  167. after downloading turbo c++ it is getting application was not found so what should i do know

  168. Thnk U. Its ok in windows7 64bit, But i did’nt get full screen

  169. will it work in windows 8

  170. it doesnot support LAN system.programs run And compile on server but not on client.
    plz help me…

  171. Thank You very much

  172. THank you…………

  173. Thanks its working good

  174. Thank you!!!!! works fine but mouse doesn’t work .ie only positions can be altered by mouse but nt functions like file,compile,run etc… 🙁
    yet super software.. .grt work!!!!!!!…..:)

  175. error is coming if iostream is used….even it is displaying that cin and cout are undefined?y?plz reply .

  176. thanks for turbo c++

  177. muralidhar gandhi

    thank u very much Muralidhar Gandhi

  178. i got it………

  179. dear sir please check the spelling of gallary it is GALLERY look at menubar where you wrote gallary

  180. i think their have some memory issue ,,,after downloading its start working fine but after some times it become slow and comanads not working ,program mes compiled but error msg comes at the time of run “ocant run ” like that.which will make you trusted and wann to be kill some one…

  181. good……………..working

  182. ossssummmm !! ty fr the presaed programs !!!!

  183. after some time its getting kinda hanged, not taking any command at all, plz help

  184. Full screen not working…please tell me how to access turbo c++ in full screen

  185. dase it supports to windose xp

  186. actully it is not downloading in my pc so how i will install

  187. it is not running in win 7 64-bit OS.An error message is displaying “Turbo C++ has stop working”.

    • Please try the alternate download available.

      • sir, can you please help! I am trying to write a program in my dvorak keyboard layout which is fast and efficient in typing, but I have installed many platform such as turbo c++, msdos, etc. But in these platform it consider my input as QWERTY keyboard, soo.. do you have any suggestion which would help me, thankyou.

  188. downloaded the 3rd link … i am using windows 7 (64bit) …wrote a simple hello program ….but the program doesn’t run ….it compiles though! ….
    and the menu options suddenly hang … or the entire screen hangs,….
    please help!! urgent!!

  189. can anyone please tell me how to write programming in DEVORAK keyboard layout, in any platform.

  190. Why Turbo C++. That thing is _really_ old. Use GCC.

  191. can i have GCC download link

  192. i’m not able to download .can anyone of u suggest me the way 2 download .it would be of great help to me

  193. where can i have other links?

  194. i think it will be good

  195. thanxx a lot

  196. I followed every step and install, after the installation nothing is being displayed neither the turbo c++ is installed.
    what to do???
    its really urgent.

  197. i have downloaded it .it works with the server only.but not with the client systems. please help to do so

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