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Flipkart cheats customers on The Big Billion Day Sale

Today Flipkart.com did The Big Billion Day Sale offering massive discounts on most product. Flipkart even went one step ahead and even offer Laptops and mobiles at just Rs 1. Another attraction was Moto E for just Rs 1500 which was live for almost 45 min and many ordered it.

But what nobody understood was Flipkart was doing all this just to reach there target of One Billion sale on a single day. As soon as they achieved there target they played a dirty game and cancelled all those Rs 1 and unbelievable cheap orders including Moto E for Rs 1500. See the explanation give by Flipkart for cancellation.

Dear Customer,

Greetings from Flipkart.com!!

Item: Moto E

We are writing to you about the cancellation of ​your recent order/s for Moto E due to a price error.

We understand that this has not been one of your best shopping experiences with us. However, as a token of appreciation for your continued support and trust in us, we will be crediting Rs.500/- to your Flipkart Wallet. This promotional balance will be credited one time irrespective of your orders for the device.

Please note that the amount will reflect within the next 4 hours​. You can use your Wallet balance, having unlimited validity, for your future pre-paid purchases with the seller WS Retail. As we have now fixed the error, you can place a fresh order in case you would like to purchase it. We will make sure that it is delivered to you without any hassles.

We hope this helps and ​look forward to providing you with a better shopping experience in future.

Please feel​ free to contact us in case you have any questions or need further assistance.

Yours in service,

It is very clear it was not a price error as it clearly mentioned flat Rs 5499 off for Moto E and it is not just one but many items had similar offer. The time offer came and gone are at different hours of the day for different products. But they waited till midnight to announce it as price error.

Poor customer just time and internet. For Flipkart it is just Rs 500 loss (that too noone is going to order again from Flipkart) compared to more than Rs 5000 loss on each phone they had to deliver.

Flipkarts Facebook page and complaint board are getting flooded with similar complaints from angry customers.

If you have lost time and money on Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day Sale, please let us know by comments.

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  1. Im also a victim of price error trick played by flipkart for moto e…waste my precious time….frustrated and dont know what to do…cant we take any action..s

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