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How to Generate Reliance Jio Preview Offer Code for Android & iPhone and get Jio SIM

Jio SIM is available for all 4G enabled smartphones under Jio welcome offer. You will get unlimited internet, voice and SMS on your Jio connection till December 2016. To get your free SIM, you need to download MyJio App and generate code on your phone. Below are the step with screenshot on how to generate reliance jio preview offer code for your android or iphone to get your free sim.How to Generate Reliance Jio Preview Offer Code for Android & iPhone and get Jio SIM

How to generate Reliance Jio preview Offer Code?

1) Download MyJio App from Play Store or App Store

2) Tap on ‘Get Jio SIM’ on the banner

How to Generate Reliance Jio Preview Offer Code for Android & iPhone and get Jio SIM

3) Select your state and city

4) Enter your name &  mobile number

Jio Offer code OTP | How to Generate Reliance Jio Preview Offer Code for Android & iPhone and get Jio SIM

5) Click on Generate OTP to receive a OTP code in your mobile number

6) Once you verified your number, offer code can be viewed on the screen.

Jio Welcome offer code | How to Generate Reliance Jio Preview Offer Code for Android & iPhone and get Jio SIM

7) Please carry the mobile in which the Offer Code is generated.

8) Visit the nearest store (Reliance Digital & Xpress Mini stores) to get your Jio SIM.

If you are unable to generate code with the latest MyJio App, follow our previous article to get Jio SIM with MyJio App 3.2.05.

Please let us know by comments below if you are able to generate code. We will reply to all comments.

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  1. Someone has already taken my jio bar code. What should I do now? I want to get that guy’s sim deactivated.

  2. i get jio sim card using your link app…but the network is not connecting…my mobile have have only LTE

  3. I have i phone 5s I’m use jio sim in that phone but voice call is unable …

  4. My bar code is showing redemed… How i can get new series bar code??

  5. I generate offer code and try to activate but the offier code is already used, how its possible, and I can not generate another offer code from same mobile, what to do, I have JIO sim but not active.

  6. Please my bar code

  7. I have tried both old and new version but it shows same I.è redeemed

  8. Why i have got only 2 gb limit and 100 mins first this is not happening with my ither frnds

  9. Sir I use old version my jio 3205 bt itz does not so bar code and all

  10. This app is hacked

  11. Sir not show get jio Sim option in my jio app new version
    And old version is not response
    Please give me this solution.

  12. I have not received my Jio sim but it shows that it was redimed by some another person.what I will do then

  13. My code shown REDEEMED, but I am not using anywhere

  14. How to cod generate to second time

  15. I am not getting code. It shows my imei number instead of bar code. Please reply soon

  16. how do i get a code on non-indian phone?

  17. I’m not getting code

  18. Hi I have Samsung galaxy A8 n i downloaded latest version of my jio app bt i can’t see get jio sim banner anywer so hw to get jio sim plz help me out

  19. How can we use Jio sim with coolpad Dazen 1 in a simple way.

  20. I installed my jio app ..after few days the code is not showing…I downloaded my jio app again still not getting a code…plz help me…

  21. I also unable to get jio sim option….I tried 2or 3times..I installed all apps of my jio…how to generate code

  22. My code has already expired what shall i do

  23. my jio code is redemed by third person i dont know who is that ,when i re generate the code it shows Redemed ,What should i do ?????

  24. Why it doesnt support to windows phone

    • There are very few Windows phone that support 4G and most of them don’t have VoLTE. Windows Phone market share is now less than 2%. So it doesn’t make economic sense to build an app for it.

  25. I can’t generate barcode for my iphone 5s. What should i do?

  26. Rajesh r pawaskar

    My barcode showing is redeem….pls help

  27. With old and new app barcode coupon is showing redeemed however I have not redeemed and I have bought brand new phone on 5th Oct 2016..i have sent an email to care@jio.com also made an call to customer care regarding this issue but they don’t have any solution..
    Could you old help..

  28. I am not able to generate COUPON code offer as my mobile is Lenovo than plus it is 4g sim

  29. I m using ref mi note 3 I camnt generate bar code with the new and also old my jio app

  30. I m having samsung core prime 4G and I m not getting the option of get Jio sim please help me

  31. Am using samsung note 3 mobile but barcode was not getting
    Pls help me
    How to get it

  32. I’m not able to see the barcode generated on my iPhone 6. I forgot to take a screenshot. How do I get it back? I did re-uninstalled myjio app. Pls guide.

  33. Hai sir ..I downloaded latest version jio app for coolpad note 3 lite.but after one week I went to my nearest store.after taking my kadhar card details and my thumb impression they said that the bar code is already used.w hat I have to do now..I am not given this code to any store.pls help me

  34. Hey i have lg k8 ….in old version i dont get any get jio sim option how to generate bar code

  35. How to regenerate the barcode after the time lapsed for getting jio sim….in new myjio app…

  36. I used myjio app v3. 2.05 as given in the above link… It’s showing my coupon code is redeemed… It’s a new mobile I never used this code

  37. Hi I m not able to download the old version app with this link…now what cn I do how cn I get this app…

  38. My mobile phone is 4G enabled htc m9 one. But I m not getting any option for bar code generation .
    At the bar only locate store is showing. Whereas in my sisters moto x play it asked for state and city.

  39. I have generated the code but it iis showing redemed but i haven’t used that code

  40. I have tried with both new and old version but still not working… In old version it shows “Our systems aren’t responding” In new version no option to click “Get Jio Sim” is coming….

  41. Suganya Subramaniyan

    Suganya, here I am not able to get barcode its showing your device is not supported what is the pblm in this as?….

  42. I am using phicomm energy 653 etc
    But my jio apps not show get sim how to solve my problem. How to get generate code which way. Possible can u help me?

  43. sir, i have intex cloud fame 4g phone
    when i was using wi-fi my jio app does not show “GET JIO SIM”
    So how i generate offer code in my phone.
    i have my jio app version 3.2.13

  44. Can we use jio on 3G android phone ???

  45. Sir my phone is not activate jio sim plz help my number, 96230****

  46. sir honor phone how to generate bar with whic version jio ap

  47. Sir iam using samsung j7 2015 edition, i have once generated the bar code but it dispear after its expiry date and i use your old my jio app but its keep showing in bar code that its redeemed, is any other way to get bar code without redeemed taged…plz sir help me

  48. Hi sir
    I have already generated Jio code but it is saying that it is redeemed but I have not redeemed it and I have not got a SIM so what can I do??

  49. Sir i havs infocus m350 mobile i wanna tried a lot times of jio coupne code but there is no use i follwed all steps and i am also old version and new version also but i did not get any coupne code

  50. Sir, ihave asus zenfone selfie but i cant get jio sim offers on my jio app. I tried many time but I can’t get, pls help

  51. Sir I am usin letv le 1s have followed all steps I generated the coupon code but its coming redeem please help me sir

  52. Sir I am using oppo neo7 sir I have new version of my bio app their is no option to generate code

  53. Sir mine is LYF wind 6 smartphone , the barcode was generated but i didnot save it , since there was a problem in the mobile , i did a factory reset. After that i have installed my jio app many times, but i am not able to get the barcode please help me, when i buyed the phone there was no jio sim offer .

  54. I’m using phicomm energy m+ and downloaded my jio and I could no find my barcode please help me

  55. I am using Redmi 3s, whenever i tried to download , as it’s reached on completed 93 % or 98 % massage is coming for try again , why ?

  56. I am unable to get offer code in lenovo vibe k5 plus . i download old version app , where i got get jio sim button but it says try after some time. It failed.
    I also tried downloading new app where i can’t get jio sim button.
    Please help me to get jio sim.

  57. I am using coolpad note3 lite none of the versions is showing the ‘get jio sim’ option isr please help

  58. Sir I am using Samsung j5 my coupon code is already readamed what can I do PLS help me sir

  59. I am using iPhone 5s and downloaded jio app &install all jio apps but generate barcode is not given so pls clear problem

  60. Hey i have asus zenfone max and have got the get jio sim optiom but after clicking on the option it says “our system are not responding” what to do???

  61. How can generate jio code in coolpad mega 2.5d

  62. deepak kumar nayak

    Not working on my Coolpad phone I follow ur step but not working..after click on the get jio sim then black page coming

  63. When i install latest my jio app and fill entries for getting bar code i cannot get my otp for 5-8 min then i change my number and get otp when i go on the shop you cannot get jio sim from this bar code can i regenrate my bar code again

  64. hello i am using verizon samsung galaxy s6… get jio sim is not showing in my mob.. what to do??? please help….

  65. I am using iPhone 6s and downloaded Jio app but the option for new sim is not showing. How could I generate bar code

  66. i got get jio sim when click says system not responding iam trying from 1week on my redmi note 3

  67. Sir jio barcode has expired how to get another code

  68. My sim are activated but not connect the internet

  69. Can you solve my problem

  70. My mobile showing this app as a virus

  71. Sir,i get a code on another phone valid till 31 Dec,generate through old apk,and how to get rid of that welcome offer,please help,i will again go to store tomorrow for my second sim.

  72. If you also gave a another coupon for activate..but this sim will not work in my phone?? This is said by jio store..

  73. Complaint raise 6 days in jio care they are giving time to solve but nothing is doing by technical team..just time are given…goober f103 phone is mine..please any way to generate a new barcode..the oldapk process tried but same coupon is coming..no new coupon …how can I get a new..no idea in mind nor no trick is working.

  74. But not redeemed yet or expired date is today now it’s extended to 31 Dec..also tried by uninstall but same coupon came down..

  75. Got the sim 12 days before,but no SMS received,call to store and they told your coupon is doesn’t exit,but I generated it in genuine process,gionee f103 handset,now they are asking me for new code,how it is possible,how can I process further??

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