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Jio 4G Unlimited Welcome Offer: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How to generate bar code and get free Jio 4G connection?

You need to follow steps in this article to generate bar and get your free Jio SIM. How to generate Jio code for Android & iPhone and get Jio SIM

2. How to activate unlimited offer on my Jio SIM?

Follow steps in this article to activate unlimited preview offer on your Jio SIM. How to convert 2GB data and activate Jio Preview offer for unlimited 4G

3. Does my phone support Jio 4G connection?

Jio 4G support all 4G phones currently available in India. However, for making voice call you need a phone with VoLTE support.

4. Which all phones has VoLTE support for Jio 4G?

Check the list of VoLTE enabled 4G phones here. Jio SIM supported mobiles list of VoLTE 4G smartphones

5. How to port existing mobile number to Jio using MNP?

Follow steps in this article to port your number to Jio. How to port existing mobile number to Reliance Jio using MNP

6. What will be the Jio tariff after the free offer expire? 
Check out Jio tariff plans in this article. Reliance Jio tariff plans: Free voice calls and data plans from Rs 19

7. How do I raise a complaint with Jio care?

You can contact Jio care team to raise complaint. Jio Customer care number & email | How to escalate Jio complaints

8. From where can i get Jio 4G connection?

After generating the code you can visit Reliance Digital or Xpress mini store in your city. Reliance Digital / Xpress Mini city wise location for free Jio SIM

9. How long does it takes to activate Jio SIM?

Due to heavy demand Jio SIM activation now takes around 5-10 days.

9. Why my Jio SIM is not activated even after 10 days?

You need to contact Jio store from you took the SIM. They have to upload your CAF application and do the activation process.

10. How to activate unlimited offer on JioFi/Lyf devices?

JioFi/Lyf devices comes preactivated with unlimited offer. Contact Jio care or Jio store from where you took your the device if you haven’t got unlimited offer.

11. Can I use Jio SIM in a non-VoLTE 4G phone?

Yes you can. But for voice calling you need Jio4Gcall App installed on your phone.

12. Why my Jio 4G internet speed is very slow?

Under welcome offer you have a daily limit of 4GB data per day. If you exceed that your speed get reduced to 128kbps for 24 hours.

If you have any more question, please let us know by comments below. We will reply to all comments.

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