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Jio barcode redeemed | How to generate new barcode?

Is your Jio Barcode redeemed? Many has reported to us that their Jio Barcode was redeemed by someone else. This means that you can’t get your free Jio SIM as fresh barcode is mandatory for getting Jio connection. If your Barcode is redeemed it means someone has already taken a Jio SIM with your barcode. However, given the large number of users reporting this, it might also be a technical glitch. Below are the steps to check whether your bar code is redeem and how to generate a new barcode.

How to know whether you barcode was redeemed or not?

Follow steps in this article to generate your Jio barcode and if it shows redeemed as shown in screenshot below, you cannot use it to get your free Jio SIM.

How to generate a new Jio Barcode?

Method 1:- Use Old version of MyJio App

You can download old version of MyJio App and generate fresh Jio Barcode. Download link and steps to generate Jio barcode using old version is available in this article. How to Generate Jio barcode using old MyJio App?

If you are still getting Barcode as redeemed, then follow next method.

Method 2: – Generate Barcode on another phone

This is the easiest and best way. Since Jio SIM will work on any 4G phone you can generate Jio Barcode on any Android device. For this you can use your friends or family members phone and generate the code. Once generated you can take a screenshot of the code and send it to your phone. How to generate your Jio barcode on Android and iPhone?

Method 3: – Raise a formal complaint with Jio

If you are frustrated and want to know how your barcode got redeemed, then you can raise a complaint with Jio. Contacting Jio customer care you get canned response like “Barcode is redeemed, we can’t do anything”. I would suggest raising this to their appellate officer. You can get details of appellate office from this article. How to escalate Jio complaints?

Please let us know by comments below if you have any queries.

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