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Jio FAKE NEWS: 1 Yr Unlimited, Go Back to Preview Offer, Increase Speed

BEWAKUFF mat Banoo..!!  Don’t fall on Jio fake news and hoax like Get Jio 1 Yr Unlimited, Go Back to Jio Preview Offer, Increase Jio Speed, Jio sim lock  etc…

JIO, a telecom revolution brought by the giant Reliance backed by Mr.Mukesh Ambani has completely changed the way telecom industry is working in India. JIO is the 1st Indian Telecom company which brought a true complete 4G LTE network which not only provide 4G DATA but also provide a true 4G Voice calls.

JIO is providing FREE DATA/CALLS/SMS/ROAMING with its Preview/Welcome offer till 31st Dec, 2016 and that is the reason JIO is the hottest topic currently trending as of now. This is the reason why there are tons of FAKE SMS/NEWS/Videos circulating all over the Social Media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Today we gonna take a close look on some of the high trending messages circulating are mentioned below

 JIO is FREE TILL 2017, 2020, 2036, 2050

There are thousands and lakhs of messages and Videos all over WhatsApp and YouTube where people talk about that JIO is providing FREE 4G  till 2017, 2020, 2036, 2050 etc. Many people over YouTube also shows it clearly on their videos. We saw a video where a YouTuber showed that its Free till 2036 but he forgot to read himself that the Welcome Offer clearly says its Free till 2016 and 2036 is the JIO Licence expiry date and not the JIO UNLIMITED offer.

Many YouTubers shows that they can make JIO UNLIMITED till 2020 or 2050 with proof. But mostly that is done by editing and by apk edit tools. It can be done easily but the extended date is just showing on your mobile application and is not officially declared by JIO. In
short, even if you or your friends try to hack the application and make it till 2036 or 2050, the offer will not be extended since you have just hacked your application and that too in your mobile and not the actual JIO SERVERS which take full control of the scheme, plans and offers.

Many YouTubers are showing that Jio is FREE till 2020, 2036 or 2050 and this is intentionally done in order to increase their video views and thereby earn more money. They make a title and show you that its FREE and you watch the videos and their views increase. So we request you not to put your attention of these FAKE SMS/Videos posted online.

Jio Welcome Offer to Jio Preview Offer

This is one of the hottest topic trending on YouTube because Preview Offer used to provide you Unlimited 4G DATA while Welcome Offer has a restriction where you get 4GB of 4G data per day and than unlimited at reduced speed. So many YouTubers make videos on how to convert Welcome Offer to Preview Offer so that public come and watch the video and their video views increase and thereby they earn more money by way on online advertising.

The main hack used in this trick is those You Tubers use old application. One must know that Old Application has a code and when installed in your mobile, it shows old name which is “Preview Offer” while when you install New Application it says new name which is “Welcome Offer”. So those You Tubers tell you to install Old Application and thereby they try to show you that your offer has been changed to Preview Offer which is completely wrong. Its just the Old Application which is showing on your mobile. It has nothing to do with the offer provided in your JIO SIM.

In short, even if you use Old Application it will not change the offer. We would like to give you one more example for better understanding to our viewers. You must be familiar with JIO JOIN application(Download Jio Join apk here) whose name has been changed to JIO 4G Voice after the update. Both applications are same and  the only change is the name. So if you install Old JIO JOIN App in your mobile, it will show the name as “JIO JOIN” whereas if you download the New JIO JOIN App it will show new name as “JIO 4G VOICE”. Once again quoting here that both are same application except the name. Similarly, if you download Old MY JIO app, it will show Preview Offer and not the Welcome Offer.

Here is list of Frequently asked questions on Jio Welcome Offer and hope you know How to check balance data in Jio Preview Offer.

Increase JIO 4G Speed

We all know that JIO Internet speed is very slow compared to our expectation since it is  4G. The speed is very fast compared to what we were getting on 2G,3G networks before JIO. Since everything offered is FREE in JIO, lakhs and lakhs of public trying to get JIO SIM and thereby increase tons of load on JIO Network. This is the reason we are seeing a huge drop and huge fluctuation in internet speed.

Since its also one of the hottest topic and so many You Tubers are showing hell lots of tricks which increase the speed. Most of the videos use VPN or Changing Bands. Although it might work on papers or only for a short period of time but overall they aren’t a successful tricks. We too tried and tested a few of the jio tricks like changing VPN through various application on play store, but none worked. After changing VPN, the speed sometime shows very high on Speedtest.net application but while downloading anything on mobile or surfing or watching Videos on YouTube, the speed does not match with the speed shown by Speedtest.net .

There are numerous such FAKE Videos/SMS/Emails are trending all over the internet regarding JIO and today for the sake of our viewers and their friends, we made this article to make everyone aware about these fake things. JIO is the next generation network and we hope JIO will try to stable its network so that we get a stable internet speed after 2016. Till than stay tune to Techblix.com for more JIO updates.

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