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Jio SIM Terms and Conditions: Unlimited limited to 4GB per day

Before you jump to get your free Jio SIM it is wise to read through he terms and condition for Jio free welcome offer. Even when Jio says it gives unlimited 4G data, voice and SMS, this is not true unlimited data earlier Jio provided under preview offer. The data is capped at 4GB per day after which the speed get throttled to just 128kbps.

What is the Jio Welcome Offer?

Jio Welcome Offer is an offer to experience Jio 4G network. under the offer you will get to enjoy unlimited HD voice & video calling, unlimited SMS, high-speed data and access to a host of Jio premium apps till 31st Dec, 2016.

How much data and voice can I use?

You get true unlimited Voice calling and 100 SMS/day. While data usage is capped at 4GB/day after which the speed gets throttled to 128kbps for next 24 hours.

Does VoLTE voice calls consume data?

VoLTE voice calling does not consume any data. However, for video calling data is used for video transmission.

Who all can get a free Jio SIM and Welcome offer?

Anyone with a 4G phone can now generate bar code in MyJio App and get Jio SIM.

Does Jio offer true unlimited night data usage?

Yes unlimited night data usage is available for all plans when Jio Welcome offer ends on December 31st 2016. However the night unlimited is limited to 3 hours between 2AM and 5AM.

Please let us know by comments below if you have any more questions. We will reply to all comments.

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  1. thank you for you time

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