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Jio SIM will not lock your sim slot: Fact Behind Reliance Jio Romours

We are getting queries based on: jio sim locked to imei, jio sim locked phone, how to unlock jio sim, how to unlock reliance jio sim etc day by day and hence we wish to sort down all your queries on jio rumours here at techblix and want to let you know that Jio SIM won’t lock your sim slot. Here is the fact behind that:

Can Jio lock your sim slot or phone?

Absolutely NO. Jio sim is just a sim card, similar to what Idea, Airtel, Vodafone etc. provide to you. A mobile operator cannot lock a SIM slot using a small memory device like SIM card. Also your phone is running on one of the most secured smartphone OS in the world, Android. To lock an Android phone one have to take root access and install their software in it. MyJio app is not that kind of software and it don’t need root access to the phone.

We hope you know How to bypass Jio 4GB daily limit to remove 128kbps speed?

Why imei number is been taken when you took a jio connection?

First let us make it clear, imei number and the associated details are already exposed to the operator when you using a sim of any operator. Jio used to ask for IMEI number when the offer was limited to few smartphone manufactures. This was to ensure your device was eligible for offer. Jio no longer ask for IMEI number nor it is required to get Jio SIM.

Did you try to Order your Jio connection online ? We are eager to know your experience.

Why other SIM cards won’t work after you use Jio sim?

Jio is a 4G network and when you use Jio SIM you yourself had put your phone to 4G only mode in networking settings. So once you take out the Jio SIM you forgot to set it back to 2G/3G mode. This is the only reason why other SIM cards are not working after using Jio SIM.

Here is the Jio SIM supported mobiles list of VoLTE 4G smartphones

Got any queries in your mind, even after reading this article? Feel free to post them in the comments section and we will come back to you in short time..!!

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  1. i used Airtel 4G before later i inserted JIO 4G now m not able to Use airtel 4G

  2. Hi All, Thanks for all your comments for troubleshooting. I have done a few observations on my mobile in these days. Like:– Jio 4G in one Slot & Airtel in other; 2 Airtel Sims in both slots; Airtel in one slot & Vodafone in other; Jio in one slot & Vodafone in other.
    Among the above cases I got network issue what I described earlier is only with the combination where Jio is in one slot & other (Airtel / Vodafone) in other.
    In all other cases network switching was smooth & effective.
    Can you help me to find out the reason behind it??

  3. Hallo Techblix, I am facing a typical issue. I am having Redmi 2 Prime which is a Dual SIM Dual 4G phone. I am using Jio 4G SIM in my slot 2 & Airtel 3G/4G SIM in slot 1. When I am using Internet from Jio SIM, everything works fine. But whenever I am trying to change Internet access from slot 2 to slot 1 (i.e. Jio to Airtel), networks of both the Sims goes away. And my phone starts showing “No SIM” / “Emmergency call only” / ” No Network” etc. etc. continuously.
    This continues until I switch it back to Jio (i.e. Slot 2) for Internet access. Once I switch it back, within some 5-10 seconds, networks of both the SIM comes back. And my phone starts working normally.
    This was not a problem to me till date. But for some purpose right now I am out from my home network area & in roaming. Here Jio network seems not to be stable enough & many times it is disappearing. This condition is creating problem for me, as I could not use Internet of my SIM 1 also.

    Do you can help me with this?

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