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MockVita 2

MockVita 2 is scheduled between 3:00 PM today, 22nd July 2016  to 3:00 PM tomorrow 23rd July 2016

mockvita 2

The below instructions and details will help you take part in the contest

This round of MockVita 2 has a  24 hour window and students meeting the criteria detailed below alone can log in at any time for a slot of 6 hours.

Login before 9:00 AM on the 23rd July to get a full 6 hour slot to attempt the MockVita round.

Criteria that you need to meet to take part in the MockVita2  Round.

  • You should have registered for CodeVita contest on Campus Commune before 10:30 AM, 22nd July 2016
  • If your team formation is completed, then when you launch Campus Commune you will land on a intermediate page in Campus Commune that has your CodeVita email id, secret code and links to the CodeVita contest site.
  • If your team formation is not complete, then visit the CodeVita contest page by clicking on the CodeVita contest banner, the secret code link is present in the contest page.

Click here to visit the CodeVita platform.

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