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MockVitas are exactly what the name suggests. They are mock coding contests before the real CodeVita Round 1. There will be 2 MockVitas before CodeVita Round 1 for India Region.

Some of the similarities and differences between MockVita and CodeVita are as follows


  1. Each MockVita will be of 24-hrs. Participating teams will get a 6-hour window to solve the problems
  2. A Team’s time starts when either of the two members starts the contest. Hence it is highly recommended that both teammates log in at same time.
  3. Questions will be of similar difficulty level as that of the real CodeVita Round 1
  4. You can use any of the 10 supported languages to solve the problems. Supported languages are (C, C++, Java, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby, Javascript, Julia, PHP)



  1. No plagiarism analysis is done for MockVitas where as strict plagiarism checks are conducted for CodeVita Round 1


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