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TRAI Jio Speed test Report: Jio is the Slowest 4G Network in India

We all know that Jio is getting weaker now a days when the download/upload speed is considered and now here is another hit from Telecom Department of India (TRAI) on Reliance Jio 4G speed. TRAI has just released its jio speed test report of the various 4G  Networks in India. The test was done by the official speedtest app of TRAI(http://www.myspeed.trai.gov.in/). The reports shows that Reliance Jio is the slowest 4G Network in India offering a speed of 6.2Mbps.

Jio 4g Speed Test Report:

TRAI jio Speed test Report: Jio 4g speed test

The report clearly states that Jio is finding its way hard to score against other 4G operators like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone.  The TRAI report also states that Airtel is the fastest 4G Network in India offering a speed of 11.4Mbps.

Jio have claimed that the data speed on the company’s network was being measured after consumers exhaust the daily fair usage policy (FUP) limit of 4GB data download per user. Here is Jio’s comments on TRAI’s  speed test findings:

“With reference to statistics published on Trai’s analytics website, we have performed an internal analysis of the same. Based on this analysis, we believe that the comparison of Jio speeds with other operators has an inherent bias against Jio data usage.

Historically, we have observed that a disproportionate number of speed tests are performed once the FUP comes into effect. This is because most users don’t consider performing the test until they observe a deterioration of speed… This has the effect of dragging the average far below the speeds experienced by Jio customers who are enjoying full 4G LTE speeds.”

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  1. MAY jio sim 4g to slow to kaise fast kara

  2. I myself use Jio 4G as well as Vodafone 4G in my cellphone. To be frank Jio download speeds sucks even if I haven’t used 4GB Download Limits per day. Vodafone Rocks anytime. Firstly I was planning to Port my Vodafone SIM to Jio but now I don’t think so Jio is better. This my 2 Months Experience. I also keep traveling in Mumbai for Sales and Marketing Purposes. Based on that I have shared my review. Don’t switch to Jio unless they fix these probs.

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